Shipwrecks and flying seahorses at Bestival

Shipwrecks and flying seahorses at Bestival

I know I probably always say this but…..That was the BEST SUMMER EVER! Sunshine & festivals & picnics & swimming in rivers & British beaches & more festivals! Last weekend was the icing on the cake when I got to fly from a crane with Fidget Feet at Bestival on the Isle of Wight. We performed above the Port Stage doing hoop, rope, trapeze & fabric solo acts, a four person silks act from a giant ring, CanCan girls in harness spinning and whooping above the crowds, even a fisherman in a boat! Getting lifted up into the air on my hoop for the first time in rehearsals I was like a kid at Christmas – the feeling of freedom up there, just me and the blue sky, was incredible.

Fidget Feet Aerial Ring Fabric4 person aerial fabric from a crane with Fidget Feet

And the next day when the arena was full of people dancing it was a whole new level of excitement. There’s nothing more exhilarating than being flown 20 metres above a crowd dancing in front of a giant ship. I don’t know if anything will ever be as fun again! How do people who don’t dangle from cranes get their kicks?

Laura Cork Mermaid riding a Seahorse for Fidget Feet

I seem to have the most fun ever riding around on giant creatures… here’s one from the Bestival website..look at the pure glee on my face! (In my head I’m probably going “I’m riding a seahorse, I can’t believe it, I’m actually riding a seahorse!”)

A massive thanks to the gorgeous Fidget Feet crew who made my belly ache from laughing every day – Chantal, Lee, Jen, Justine, Kino and Davey you guys rock!


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