Flying high in the Olympic Stadium

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was flying in from the roof of the stadium, carpet bag & brolly in hand, to battle Voldemort in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I can remember the butterflies as I climbed the ladder to wait on the roof and the feeling of calm watching the Green & Pleasant land from above whilst the sun set over East London. Oddly enough I think I was less nervous on the night itself than in the dress rehearsal because despite being televised to millions of people all over the globe, my Mum & Jonty weren’t in the audience this time!


Laura Poppins

Even though we’d seen it half a dozen times already in rehearsals, it was absolutely breathtaking seeing the grass being ripped up and the huge chimneys rising as the Industrial Revolution scene took shape. I have to admit, the bit where the Olympic Rings were forged and rose up into the air brought a lump to my throat every time!



There were 32 lovely ladies being Mary Poppins, so we had eight aerialists on each station with two riggers clipping us onto the lines. We were lifted up to 40 metres above the field of play and like giant bats with our brollies and bags tucked in, we flew down into the stadium. This pic was taken by Reuben Moseley, one of our riggers.

The feeling of being a part of something so epic was quite moving, and sharing the experience with such a lovely, positive, talented bunch of ladies was an absolute honour. I’m even starting to miss Pringles!


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