Happy New Year

Happy New Year

A little update as it’s a whole new year…

Happy 2017!

I’ve been neglecting to update my blog recently, not from a lack of exciting things to write about but from living in the hills with a massive lack of wifi and therefore much less time spent staring at screens. Which has been refreshing…

The past year has been quite a life-changing one. I’ve performed in Puerto Rico twice, the Maldives for a few months, Serbia for the 10th time and spent 4 months adventuring and training in lots of different circus places all over Mexico.

Laura Cork Aerial Silks Telas Jalcomulco Mexico

It turns out that I fell in love with Mexico (and a certain Mexican) so much that in October I decided to call it my home. I arrived just in time for Day of the Dead and dived headfirst into the vibrant colourful noisy Mexican madness which was so crazy at first but is slowly becoming normal everyday life. There’s a fiesta with a marching band, pretty much daily, here in our village! I’m writing this from our little green house in the hills above Oaxaca, listening to the crickets chirping outside the door (and occasionally having to sweep intruders back out of the gap under the door). We live in a small village with a beautiful view. It’s even called ‘beautiful view’ – Vista Hermosa. Every evening the sun sets over the valley and the skies are vast and incredible. In the day time there’s a hardly ever a cloud in the sky.

Laura Cork Silks Telas in Tulum Mexico Mauricio Clayton 2016

I’m enjoying my simplified life. I like how quiet my phone is. I like the fact that I feel less need to buy stuff. I’m feeling content with everything I have. Living life with less stress gives you chance to focus on the things that are really important like working on the projects that interest you, spending time in good company and cooking lovely food. I’ve got a bar to rig my trapeze from, coming off the side of our house, so I can train at home. This is it…

Silks from the roof Laura Cork San Agustin Etla Mexico

We’ve got the choice of three outdoor swimming pools within walking distance. I sometimes have to pinch myself to check that I’m awake and it’s real. I do have days where I feel frustrated by my inability to speak Spanish properly but I’m trying to be patient and not beat myself up about it. The circus scene in Oaxaca is really small so it’s been a new challenge for me to train alone and learn new moves from videos instead of sharing tricks with other aerialists. Despite that I’m feeling motivated at the moment. Most of my aerial training I do at Tierra Independiente, a really lovely training space set in the garden of an old house and run by Paulina and Helmar who are contemporary dancers. They’ve been really welcoming and supportive. I’m teaching a 4 day aerial hoop workshop there in February as part of the Encuentro de Circo en Oaxaca which is a circus festival spread over three weeks, partly in the city of Oaxaca but mainly in Mazunte on the Pacific Coast. It’s going to be exciting to meet more people and share ideas and perform.

Laura Cork Hoop Aro Lyra Gorilla Glass OaxacaLaura Cork Laura Cork Geodesic dome aerial hoop aro lyra Xalapa Mexico

The photos are of me training silks and hoop in lovely locations across Mexico – Xalapa, Jalcomulco, Tulum and Oaxaca. Photos by Diego Vides Borrell, Jason Pfohl and Mauricio Clayton.



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  1. Di Marples says:

    Wow Laura! This looks and sounds amazing. Really thrilled that you have settled into life there and are enjoying it so much. The weather there certainly looks loads better than it is here. It’s freezing and the days are dark, grey and miserable.
    Hope you enjoy the teaching in Feb.
    Much love xxx

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